Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I get by with a little help from my friends........

It has been another topsy-turvy day here at the Mesibov household. Long story short, I spent 2.5 hours in the ER this morning to find out that I had a back strain of the thoracic region. I thought for sure when I went into the ER, I would be admitted into the hospital to have emergency surgery to remove some organ that had ruptured. You can imagine my surprise when I found out that there was nothing wrong with my organs. I don't know how I strained my back, but I did not get a lot of sleep last night due to the pain. Most of the day today has been spent in pain as well. The ER Dr. prescribed Naprosyn, and that has finally kicked in. The pain has subsided some - thank God.

I'm sure you are all wondering about the title of this post. Well, I do not have family that lives real close by, so I rely on my friends to help me during these times. Brian called my BFF, Danielle, early this morning to ask her to watch our girls while he took me to the ER. His phone call woke her from a dead sleep, but she did not hesitate when she told him to bring the girls on over. When I was in the ER, I had no worries about my children. I knew they were in good hands, and I am so grateful. Later this afternoon, another dear friend, Tasha, called and offered to bring me dinner tonight. On FB, another friend offered to watch my kids tomorrow for awhile if I needed. So you see the title has a lot to do with my post. This day would have been a lot more difficult for me had I not had help from my friends. Thank you to my wonderful friends!

Quote of the day: "There is no wilderness like life without friends; friendship multiplies blessings and minimizes misfortunes; it is a unique remedy against adversity and it soothes the soul." -Baltasar


Kasey said...

OMG, Sally! Please let me know if you need anything - you are in my prayers girlie! ;) xoxo - k

Brandy said...

Oh My... Sally I will be praying for you. I hope you feel better soon. Brandy Cox