Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Decor

Like most people, I like to make my home festive for the holidays. There are a few decoration staples that I look forward to seeing every year. I will show you just a smattering of those staples. First off, the Christmas tree. We purchased a new Christmas tree last year, (after Christmas) and I could not wait to get it up in our house. What do you think?

Our tree contains all kinds of ornaments - there is no theme here. Some of the ornaments were made by my daughters in preschool. I just can't seem to part with anything that contains their hand prints, or a cut out of their traced hands.

Next on the list is my snowman collection. For those of you who don't already know, I am a native Minnesotan - you betcha! That being said, I miss my snow at Christmas, so I figured I would remind myself of the snow with a snowman collection. Besides they are so darn cute!

Lastly, and probably my most cherished Christmas decoration, is my nativity set. My mother painted all the pieces in a ceramics class back in the 70's, and my dad built the creche by hand. This nativity set was a staple in my parent's home ever since I can remember. My mom would always set it up with loving care in our living room. I loved looking at it in awe. In December of 2003, my parents drove to NC to spend Christmas with my family, and they brought the nativity and the creche with them for me to have. I never would have imagined that just months later my life would be turned upside down with the diagnosis of my father's cancer. This will be my third Christmas without my dad. I sure do miss him, and I know he is smiling down at us from heaven, and I know he is with us through the memories we share. Every year, when I take out the creche, I tell my daughters that their Grandpa Horn made it. They are amazed that he could make something so neat.

Christmas is a joyous time for many, and it can also be a difficult time for those who have lost a loved one. Let's keep those people in our prayers during this Christmas season. God bless you all!

Quote of the day: "The family - that octopus from whose tentacles we never quite escape, nor, in our inmost hearts, ever quite wish to." - Dodie Smith

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