Friday, August 28, 2009

My funny family

My husband and children keep me laughing regularly. They are cracking jokes and being silly all the time. Last night, Anna was walking around the house like she was an old woman (all bent over, pretending to carry a cane, and calling us 'sonny'). It was hilarious, and it came out of nowhere. I love it! These are the moments I really need to be documenting - not just the regular stuff like the first day of school, Halloween, Christmas, etc. I think I just set a new goal for myself. Take the time to document the regular stuff - the stuff that happens in the moment, and may never happen again. When I am old, and calling everyone "sonny," I want to remember that stuff!

Have a great weekend!

Quote of the day: "The only rock I know that stays stead, the only institution I know that works is the family." -Lee Iacocca


Kasey said...

Great post! Love it - too cute, and yes, such great memories! xoxo-k

Brandy said...

Super Cute!!! Those are the best memories. I love watching my boys wrestle with there daddy!!! Have a Good Week!