Monday, June 8, 2009

Bug Me Anytime

It is Monday. What do you all have going on this week? I will be attending an end of year slide show for my daughter Anna. I know I am going to be boo -hooing through that! Ever since I have had my children, my emotions are much more volatile than they used to be. For example, this weekend my husband and I went to watch our girls in their end of year gymnastics extravaganza. While we were waiting for them to perform, some cheerleaders were doing their performance. While watching the cheerleader's performance, my throat started to grow the walnut (you know the lump you get in your throat when you are trying to hold off the tears), and my eyes started welling with tears. Keep in mind - I know none of these cheerleaders! I can't go to a parade without crying. I can't watch a Broadway show without crying. I did not used to be like this. Crazy how things change as I age! Enough about my crazy emotions!

I was having fun stamping with this ladybug stamp. I actually purchased this stamp years ago, (about 7) and I still love to pull it out and stamp with it! Isn't this just a fun little card?!

Paper: SU white; PT white
DP: Reminisce Salt & Pepper
Ink: Palette Black Noir; Copic markers; Twinkling H2O's
Stamps: Magenta flying ladybug; SU Very Punny
Misc.: Hero Arts Gemstones; SU Note cards; SU punch

Quote of the day: "I have found that if I love until it hurts, then there I no hurt, but only more love." -Mother Teresa

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bymoi said...

I am so with you on the emotion thing! I am glad someone else gets as weepy as I do.