Saturday, October 25, 2008


I have been tagged by Danielle at Glass Pony with instructions to tell you all seven weird and random things about myself, so here goes:
1. I really want a burger right now.
2. I got married in Las Vegas.
3. I'm 6'0" tall, and have been since I was 14 years old.
4. My favorite candy is Reese's Peanut butter cups. I especially like the holiday shaped Reese's - like the pumpkin, egg, and tree - more peanut butter.
5. I've lived in the North(Minnesota), South (Texas), West (California), and East (North Carolina).
6. I have a dog, a cat, and a fish, and none of them have eaten each other.
7. Over half of my wardrobe is from the Gap. I love that store!

I hope you all feel like you know me a little better. It is fun to share!

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