Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday thoughts

Card #57
Card #58
Card #59
Today the book fair starts at my daughters' school! They are both so excited! They absolutely love the book fair, which means they love books, and that makes me happy! Books are a huge part of my life. I truly enjoy getting lost in a story, and I also enjoy learning something new. I hope with all of the e-readers on the market that books do not become extinct. I admit I have a Kindle, and it is convenient - especially when traveling, but I will always be a purchaser of books!

Quote of the day: "Books are the food of youth, the delight of old age; the ornament of prosperity, the refuge and comfort of adversity; a delight at home, and no hindrance abroad; companions by night, in traveling, in the country." -Marcus Tullius Cicero

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shannon said...

Yeah for books! Love all of these cards!