Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Birthday card

Hi there! Did you enjoy your labor day weekend? I sure did! I just returned from a getaway to the Grove Park Inn in Asheville! It was wonderful! A full day was spent at the spa enjoying their pools, steam room, and lounge areas. The day was topped off with a delicious dinner on the Sunset Terrace. You can not beat those views.

You may be asking why I am posting a birthday card when I am talking about my fabulous Asheville getaway. The reason for the trip was a celebration of my and my best friend's birthdays, and the card you are looking at is the card I made for her. She loves cupcakes and is quite the cupcake chef, so what better birthday card than one with cupcakes?!

Quote of the day: "Remember that the beauty of any dream is in never letting it go." -Sarina


shannon said...

How wonderful! I hope to enjoy Grove Park Inn sometime myself!
I am glad you & Danielle pampered yourselves and had a good time. See you soon!

Danielle said...

I loved my card and the girls have been admiring it to! Love ya!