Thursday, August 6, 2009

True Friend (oops)

I pressed enter before I wrote what I wanted and needed to write in regards to this card, and friendship. So sorry for the double entry of the same card. You see I am on some medication for my nasty sinus infection/head cold thingy, and I am not all together coherent.

Anyway, on to the post I meant to post before pressing enter. This card was very simple to make. I chose a color scheme I liked, stamped the butterfly image in each of the colors onto a white card base, stamped the sentiment in brown ink, and added some pretty ribbon for flair. The sentiment on this card says, "true friend."

Like the simplicity of this card, I believe true friendships are simple - at least in the making. We all know that we connect more easily with certain women than with others. I believe those easy connections form true friendships - simple - right? As I said earlier, the making of the true friend is pretty simple - sort of (I think maybe I am simplifying the making of a true friendship a little too much, but stick with me), but the keeping of the friendship needs some TLC. Like a marriage, a true friendship cannot be taken for granted. Although the original connection does not necessarily ebb, a true friendship grows through, love, kind acts, shared fun times, and trust. Speaking for myself, it is sometimes easy to take for granted those people (friends, husband, family members) that you assume will always be a part of your life. I'm going to try my hardest from this day forward to not take anyone who is special to me for granted anymore. I want the relationships in my life to move from simple beginnings to fabulous works of art speckled with joy and memories.

Quote of the day: "The growth of friendship may be a lifelong affair." -Sarah Orne Jewett

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Kasey said...

Great post, Sally! I loved your last line about frienships and I quite agree with you! ;) -k